2013 national convention brand . american choral directors association
This project started as a request to create a single background image for the cover of issue of ACDA's magazine Choral Journal and turned into an identity package that included logos, multipage spreads, environmental graphics and dozens of other applications over the course of a year leading up to the event. The central themes of the event; advocate, remember, and teach (ART) are referenced in the three colored logo and sweeping "ribbon" visualizations.
advocate, remember, teach
Most members of the ACDA are conductors so in addition to referencing the themes of advocate, remember and teach, the ribbon elements are also meant to reference the flowing strokes made with a conductors baton. The cover image below was a composite created from 3D ribbons built in Cinema 4D combined with various photographic elements from the conference venue in Dallas Texas.
extending the brand
The core elements mentioned above evolved across many other applications including various magazince spreads to promothe the event throughout the year leading up to the event as well as on site environmental graphics.