weather whimsy . personal project
Seems like everyone is making weather apps these days so I figured I should make one too! The app is based on a series of playful characters and bold colored backgrounds that represent different weather states. While the initial concept was created solely as a portfolio piece, I've since begun development of the app for several mobile platforms. Free and paid versions are on their way soon so stay tuned!
don't be shy.
The goal for each weather state was to impart a unique sense of character and emotion. For example, the rising sun could use a healthy dose of self confidence. He really wants to get up and do his job, but he just can't quite muster the courage yet!
color temperature.
Color is used extensively throughout the experience to denote temperature values. Whether it's sunny, rainy, or partly cloudy, users will always be able to tell how hot or cold things are with an assortment of tasty colored backgrounds.
color temperature
in the details.
Details view is activated by tilting the phone into landscape view and provides the users with a more robust outlook on the day. Information like high/low temperatures, wind speed, dew point and more is located here. And of course, all stats are dynamically animated according to their values.
weather details