first run install video . office 2013
Previous version of Microsoft Office took about 45 minutes to install. Office 2013 takes only 4 minutes. This video runs during that installation process and aims to educate users on some of the killer new features like signing in to the cloud to access documents anywhere. I worked with a small team of 3 designers to develop the script and overall story arc. I also did all modeling and animation work for this piece using Cinema 4D and After Effects.
the challenge.
This opportunity came up very late in the game so I only had a couple weeks to pull it off and only two other designers to partner with. This made for some late nights and intense brainstorm sessions, but it was also a ton of fun and our marketing team was stoked about the result.
draw it. build it. move it.
After nailing down priorities, story boards, and a final script we entered production mode. I partnered closely with Tom Ham who drove visual design for the project following along in Cinema 4D and converting his illustrations into models and scene files for the final composite.