office document themes . microsoft office 2010
During the release of MS Office 2010 I led a team of roughly 30 designers in creating a new set Document Themes. Think of Themes as CSS for documents. They're the most powerful tool our customers have to create gorgeous content. Like templates, they can be used as a starting point for creation. However, their true power shines through when applied and manipulated across different applications. Users can customize fonts, colors, and even layout in a single location and changes are applied across the system making it fun and easy to explore and iterate non-destructively.
News and Print Theme
Kilter Theme
Grid Theme
Apothecary Theme
Pushpin Theme
Perspective Theme
the challenge.
Making style choices for over 750 million customers isn't easy. The majority of our users create content in a business environment, so we focused our effort on creating simple, timeless themes that didn't distract from user content. Use of aggressive type and realistic texture were also key goals.
theme users
big team. bold results.
To ensure adequate stylistic diversity I brought in design talent from Filter Seattle and Walrus North Carolina. This allowed our team back home to focus on the big picture and ensure solid hand offs to development. In the end we produced 10 themes in house and received 20 from each vendor for a grand total of 50!